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The very mention of the word “Diet” instills a dread in many of us. However, in nutrition “Diet” is the sum of food consumed by a person while Dietary habits are the decisions an individual makes when choosing what foods to eat. Individual dietary choices may be more or less healthy. Proper nutrition requires the proper ingestion and equally important, the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and fuel in the form of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Dietary habits and choices play a significant role in health and mortality, and can also define cultures and play a role in religion.

The human body has a complex working mechanism, which may react in different ways to different foods that we eat. It is under such conditions that the diet assumes critical importance, as under such conditions eg Diabetes, the diet of a person should contain vitamins, minerals, and a source of energy in the form of proteins etc, while limiting the glucose intake. Since glucose is the major source of energy to the body it cannot be completely removed from the diet, however excess consumption will lead to complications.

The lack of proper information dissemination regarding diet for diabetes, has lead to a situation of dread as soon as the term diet is mentioned. This lack of information involves the ignorance towards the foods that can be consumed and those that should be avoided. Under such a situation a person either lives in a state of misery or goes on to eat whatever he likes with total disregard to the condition.

The thought that a diabetic diet is rigid, boring and results in making a person eat the same foods day in and day out and that it does not allow them to eat foods that are their staple diet further adds to their woes – THIS IS NOT THE TRUTH.

The latest updates on nutrition for diabetics suggest that Traditional Indian food is the best diet for Diabetes. This means that the recommended diet for a person can not only include the staple foods (with a little variation), but also include a lot of variety. In this document we intend to introduce such foods and help in planning a diet for a person.

Planning a diabetic diet is not as difficult as it is made out to be. In fact you may wonder why it is made to seem so complicated.
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